Post with Ahimsa

Please comment anytime you feel moved or have something to share. The one guideline I ask is that you follow the Yogic principle of Ahimsa, or non-violence/non-harm. Please tailor your contributions so that no readers, writers, or animals (jk!) are harmed by any words, URLs, or images you leave.

You do not need to register. Just post your real or make-believe name. When it asks for your email you can use a pretend one if you prefer.



***UPDATE 7/18/12***

Much as I prefer to make it easy to comment and with no registering, I am getting hundreds of spam postings everyday from people who are advertising products not even remotely related to any topic in this site. It is too much to keep up with. Rather than take the site down I have to, at least temporarily, ask people to register. You can put a fake/anonymous name. I think it will even let you put a fake email (not sure about that yet). Whatever you put in the registration is confidential. It is just to keep away the destroying wolves.

Once you are registered you should be able to make comments right away. As it stands now the real comments are getting lost in the spam ones. I have to have a way to keep out the people who are tearing things down, and let in the ones who are building things up. This will create a safe community where we can share with each other.

Thanks for your understanding!


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