Yoga Poses to Alleviate Low Back Pain from Lordosis or Swayback

Numerous adults suffer from low back pain and related bad posture. Yoga exercises can alleviate back pain in many situations. One of the conditions that can be improved by yoga practice is Lordosis, or “swayback,” which is the excessive curvature of the spine. It typically occurs in the low back (lumbar area of the spine) and can be caused by tight hip muscles, weak abs and hamstrings, and bad posture habits. Lordosis causes the pelvis to tilt forward, the abs to stick out, and the lower vertebrae to compress. This can lead to pain.

Yoga poses that relax, stretch, and lengthen the hip flexors and/or strengthen and tighten the hamstrings and abs can help realign the pelvis and spine, thus improving posture and alleviating pain. Helpful exercises include:

  1. Anjanayasana (Low Lunge) – Stretches and lengthens the psoas and other hip muscles, making it easier to take a normal posture.
  2. Bujangasana (Cobra)– Stretches the hip flexors making it easier to stand tall.
  3. Dolphin Plank Pose – Strengthens the abs. Be sure to take extra time to stretch the hip flexors after this one as it engages those muscles too.

Hold each pose for 1 – 5 minutes, breath deeply, and imagine the air swirling into the area you want to stretch or strengthen. Do this daily and over time you will notice these yoga poses relieving low back pain and improving posture.